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Pizza Muffins – all the pizza goodness but in a handy munch sized format

pizza muffins

Everybody loves pizza. It’s one of the facts of the world but sometimes you want that pizza hit but maybe you don’t want to eat a whole pizza (I can’t imagine that’s ever true). So the solution, Pizza Muffins.

Pizza muffins are really simple to make and are a brilliant and comforting munch when slightly warm. You can put your favourite pizza fillings in them and be as naughty or as healthy as you like. Well I challenge you to be healthy, I just fill ‘em with cheese and meats. For this batch I made mozzarella and pepperoni with herbs, but they would work just as well with ham and mushroom, cheese and veggies or anything else you fancy.

The first thing you need to get these going is bread roll dough, my recipe for bread roll dough is available on the blog so here you go: Eli’s Bread Roll Recipe

Now onto turning this gorgeous dough into muffins (Makes 18).

You will need

  • Oil 5 tbsp
  • Mozzarella 300g
  • Cheddar cheese 100g
  • 2 tbsp herbs
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 170 g pepperoni
  • Muffin tray
  • Oil for greasing muffin tray

What to do

  • Preheat your oven to 180 Celsius
  • Take your risen but not proved bread dough and break it up into as many small pieces as you can, roughly about 1 cm pieces.
  • Mince your garlic and chop the cheese and pepperoni into small pieces. Now put these into a big bowl with your oil and herbs, and get your hands in there and make sure that everything is all mixed up. Try not to squish it, keep it all as separate pieces.
  • Now grease your muffin tray and add handfuls of the dough and goodies mix to fill the muffin tray about 3 quarters full (you want to leave room for the muffins to rise). Make sure you get a good mix of dough, cheese and meat in each muffin cup.
  • Put the muffin lovelies into the oven for 20 to 25 mins, they should rise and be golden brown when done. That’s you. I let them cool a little, but these are best served warm so that the mozzarella is till gooey.

Yum! You could even serve them with a warm tomato sauce to dip.

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