We Are Eli And Kate

and we love gardening, growing veggies, and cooking. and we love gardening, growing veggies, and cooking.

A great combination. We live on the East Coast of Scotland and tend an average-sized city garden which is our very first garden and from which we grow a heap of produce and flowers. All of this was a journey of learning for us, so we thought, why not share?


Our Story

That was back in 2012 and since then, of course, the blog has grown and now incorporates a youtube channel too. Pop along if you like videos of garden and food nonsense.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsielepPOAsZ7qdIlIbkO8g

The garden very much was the reason we moved into our current home until then we’d both lived in the city in flats (apartments) and we both desperately longed for some outdoor space. At that point, Kate was very much thinking of somewhere nice to sit outside. A lawn, some flowers, the usual traditional suburban garden. It’s what she’d grown up with. Eli however had other plans, and for the life of us, we can’t say where they came from. Eli instantly thought garden – therefore growing our own food. So much so that she had ordered a greenhouse for the garden before we’d even unpacked the first box.

She has changed a bit though and now appreciates that a garden needs to be all things, and this is what we try to encourage when we talk to all those amazing folk who share our garden with us (via the wonder of the internet). A garden is whatever you want it to be, but you have to also think about the limits of size, etc. So we’re hoping our journey can inspire you, comfort you, and teach you as you tag along on our adventures.

much love,
Eli & Kate


How it started

The Life changing event

In Jan 2012 Kate & I bought our home, which we named Ar Bruidair

started in 2012

The new house and garden

February of 2012

We realised how much we loved gardening

Changes to existing blogs

Eli had been blogging for years about cycling and cooking, but now the garden was added to this list

Youtube is born (sort of)

Eli posted a greenhouse update video to youtube, just for the blog. Little did she know how popular this would become

April 2012

The first video

Nov 2017

There were 1000 people completely separate from the blog subscribed to youtube

We realised something unexpected had happened

We had assumed only people reading the blog would see the videos so had pretty much ignored youtube. Then we realised there were 100 people subscribed to a channel, that rarely posted and they hadn't come from the blog.

The first Milestone

There aren't many milestones for youtube creators that are officially celebrated. But 1000 Subscribers is the first big one, which traditionally is celebrated. We hit it while we were all in Covid lockdown, poor Eli didn't get to celebrate with the traditional party - not even a balloon.

April 2020

1000 subscribers

Oct 2021

Then there were 10,000 people subscribed to youtube, to be honest, this felt really silly... why on earth do all these people follow us??

Another milestone

Although to be honest, youtube only take note of the massive 100,000 subscriber milestone. Hitting 10,000 is still a huge personal milestone and in someway, recognition of the hard work that goes into running a youtube channel. And yet again, we were all in the second Covid lockdown. Still not even a balloon.

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