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It’s all getting a bit exciting in the greenhouse – bell peppers in the quadgrow

Lots of excitement happening in the greenhouse this year with the arrival of our first peppers, some of which are red already 🙂

We like to try to experiment a little, it doesn’t always work to be fair, but it’s fun to try and this years experiment was sweet / bell peppers. We’ve never grown these before so it’s a bit of a fly by the seat of our pants but hey that’s what makes it fun. We’ve put 4 of these (all different types) into one of the big quadgrow systems, meaning the watering and feeding is pretty much taken care of. Given that this is new, I didn’t want to risk over or under watering, but it’s so fun. We have LOADS of peppers.

The other thing we did this year, was to try to combat the slug hotel that the quadgrows seemed to be last year. If you’ve seen my review, you’ll know that last year, when it came time to clean the greenhouse out for winter, we opened the quadgrows to find masses of slugs and slug eggs. YUCK! I wanted to try to avoid that this year, so I have put copper tape all around the bottom of the water reservoir to stop the little blighters climbing up there.

Adding copper tape to the quadgrow reservoirs
Baby pepper plants in their copper taped safety

Sad face!  I couldn’t work out how, but the little blighters are munching the peppers. I’m easily losing half the peppers to slug munching. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr  I just couldn’t work out how, they aren’t meant to climb over copper tape and I used it on the strawberries last year and it seemed to work and it’s definitely slugs, I can see the slime trail. Then I realised, the plants are touching the walls of the greenhouse, so the slugs must be climbing the walls and onto the plants from there! Grrrrrrrr!

So I’ve pulled the plants back and trimmed them a bit, hopefully, this will help but so far it’s all looking great, we have loads of peppers. I can’t wait to start using them in the kitchen.

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