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Should I prune my pepper plants?

So we have our first update of our pepper plant pruning experiment and we also have our first update on the overwintered pepper experiment.

Part 1

Back in September last year, I began this experiment with the peppers we had grown and which were now at the end of their season. Normally we chop them down and dispose of them, but as pepper plants are in fact perennials in the right conditions, I decided to attempt to keep them alive over winter to see if it would give me a strong, healthy and producing plant, earlier this season.

Overwintering pepper plants in the greenhouse and indoors: https://youtu.be/WX4BmGJR4Xw

Part 2

This year in early spring I decided to test out the practice of topping or pruning pepper plants. It’s said that cutting the growing tip out of your pepper plant when they are young produces a stronger, healthier plant that produces more fruit. So I decided to test this by pruning 2 plants and to leave 2 plants unpruned

Pruning or topping peppers, why would you?: https://youtu.be/RnUk74wU7c4

So how have both experiments faired? Check out this week’s episode for the first update.

We have concluded this experiment since publishing this blog post, see the updates in our Pepper Experiment Series.

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