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Making paper pots for your seedlings

There is one big task I now do every year, it’s not fun and it’s quite time-consuming and that is to make all the little pots I need to plant the greenhouse seeds and flowers for the year. We used to just use standard plastic flower pots for this, but things got crazy when it came to storing those pots after use so we decided to switch to using paper pots which don’t need to be stored. You just plant the whole pot with the seedling in it when it’s time to plant out. The extra bonus of this is that you don’t need to disturb your seedlings by taking them out of their little dirt beds to pot them on. You simply plant the whole thing and the paper breaks down naturally in the soil.

We were asked a few times last year if we could do a blog showing how to make these pots and we never quite got around to doing it, so we’ve gone one better this year, we’ve made you a video.

I have a little mould I use, but you don’t need this, anything cylindrical would do as you basically roll the paper around this and then fold the excess over to create the bottom of the pot.

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