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Jade plant cuttings – an update on my adventure

I have a very happy update for you, my jade plants are now, all, very happy which is such a relief for me. It’s really hard to get over in a blog post, just how much I was worrying about my plants after I almost killed them with love. But happily all the plants ( all 12) are healthy and growing well.

For those of you who didn’t follow along with me as I learned to save and look after my plants, basically I changed the environment, meaning, overwatered and under-lit my main big plant and the leaves started withering and falling off, quite drastically. This was quite stressful as it was a very mature and very big plant. It had looked seriously impressive. (I’ll embed the two previous posts about this adventure below so you can catch up on the drama).

So after all of that I wanted to give you guys a quick update, because I am soooo chuffed with the results.

Centre plant is the now rescued and pruned original plant, two either side are the smaller plants which I separated and all over the table are the cuttings which are now plants in their own right.

Since my last update I’ve had no leaf drop, no problems of any kind and all the plants are putting out healthy new growth. Although I am now struggling to find places for all the new plants where they have the light they need. Once they have come on a bit they will be gifts for friends I think 🙂

I’m even seeing that red tinge come back on some of the leaves.

Remember all those cuttings?

The only thing I am still struggling to adjust to is how small and bare my plants seem in relation to how they were before. I know they will fill out again, they had lost a lot of leaves and I had to prune them quite hard, but knowing and feeling are very different. I get excited as I see new side shoots appear and I’m pretty much checking them every day and willing the little guys to grow.

One of the bigger plants is way more naked than the others, basically, it’s a stick in a pot and I’m struggling to feel the love. So what I’ve decided to try to do with that one is to encourage it to grow in an interesting way.

bonsai jade plant

One of the stems snapped when I was moving the pot and it was a bit depressing, so I’m trying to encourage that stem to keep growing, but around the main stem to make it kind of interesting. I have no knowledge or previous experience of bonsai, so learning as I go with this, but I’m using loose, soft wire to try to encourage things. It’s all learning and adventure.

I’m also trying to encourage some upright shoots from the two main branches. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m just going to continue to give these guys love ( not too much love) and let them develop their own little personalities. And of course, at some point, I’m going to have to find them forever homes.

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