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It’s May and it’s all change

We’ve been doing the monthly garden updates for a while now, a few years in fact, but it’s really struck me this month, just what a difference there is between this year and last, in terms of May. May is the month that we usually see the garden burst to life. it’s the month of hanging baskets and pots, of petunias and marigolds. well normally. This month things just seem to be a wee bit behind and I’m putting it down to the difference in the weather this spring, compared to last year. Cause this year, it’s been really wet and really, really cold. The coldest for 60 years apparently.

So I reckon this May is easily at least 3 weeks behind where we were this time last year, in terms of the garden anyway. Still today as I write this to share it with you guys, it’s cold and wet. We lost plants to that crazy snowy spell. Even plants like our hebe which normally do ok over winter just went brown and dropped all their leaves and looked so sad. We are slowly replacing things, but obviously it’ll take time for it all to bed in and come together, so while that’s all happening and Mother Nature is doing her thing. Let’s go for a walk around the garden and talk about May in our garden, specifically let’s compare this year to last. because one of the fabulous things about having the blog and videos is that we get to look back and compare.

I always think this is one of the moth useful things, especially if you are a new gardener, being able to look back not just month to month, but year to year to see how the weather can really affect things.

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