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It may not feel like it but there are lots of positives in the garden just now

The last few weeks are a bit of a thing in the gardening world where we fool ourselves into thinking its spring (we don’t really fool ourselves at all we just try to) and expect the garden to be luscious and beautiful because it’s spring. But the truth is, it will be at least a month before we really see those changes we are begging for and so we let ourselves get all down in the dumps about the garden and sometimes even let it demotivate us.

So I thought it might be fun to add a little bit of a positive spin onto this month’s (and the first of 2022) Garden Tour video. Sometimes, you need someone else to look at things and point out the bits you aren’t seeing, so we’re doing that in our garden this week. I’m looking at what would be so easy to say is a bit drab, or a bit bare, or not very colourful and kicking myself in the pants and saying, actually look close… see those buds forming, see those spring bulbs pushing through? That is hope, that is the future that, my dear, is spring happening.

So come wander around my garden and see if you can find a little bit of inspiration to go out and look at yours with fresh eyes.

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