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From bald to lush – winning the battle for a lovely lawn

This time last month we let you in on our battle to get the lawn looking lush again after my incident with the fertiliser (and I used too much), which left huge bald, burned patches on the front lawn.

Well I’m pleased to say we won that battle and we now have a lovely lush lawn again. It as a pain though because reseeding coincided with the turn in the weather and it got cold and wet. Very wet, meaning instead of sprouting, the seed rotted.

We actually ended up raking and lifting the seed twice before the sun returned and the seed took. I was getting a bit jumpy. We even had some cheeky gardening company put a leaflet through our letterbox (which is clearly marked as no junk mail or unsolicited mail of any kind) promising to take care of our lawn for us and get it green again. That went in the bin! It’s a massive bugbear of mine, why would a company who can’t follow a simple instruction of don’t put junk mail through my door think for a second I’d want to use them?

So all it took was a burst of good old sunshine.

We followed all the instructions we gave you guys. We prepared the ground, raked up any old dead grass, kept the seed watered (well nature took care of that) and waited. It actually ended up taking about 3 weeks to get to where we are now, but the growing bit actually only took about 4 days. Once the weather changed and we started getting some proper warm, sunny days, we saw the seeds start to sprout on a daily basis.

Just a little at first, but it didn’t take long.

We kept our promise and I updated you guys on the hashtag #isthelawngreenyet so you could watch the grass growing 🙂

So I know a few of you were battling along with your lawns at the same time, how did you get on? You brave enough to add to the hashtag?

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