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Building a multi-level, wooden, corner planter

We’ve spent a couple of weeks building a new planter for the garden, it’s multi-leveled and modular. In other words, three separate parts make up the planter allowing us to change the shape to suit. But for now, it’s a corner as we designed it and built it specifically for that purpose.

In this week’s video, I promised I’d share Kate’s materials list, cutting plan and general plans for it, for those of you who fancy making your own.


  • Deck board (L)1.8m (W)120mm (T)24mm x 24
  • Square posts (L)2.4m (W)38mm (T)38mm x 4
  • screws

Now obviously we bought this at our local DIY/hardware store but you should be able to get similar at yours.

Cutting plan

Main planter body

  • 7 decking boards kept full length (1.8m)
  • 7 decking boards cut to 1.3m which also gives you 7 boards now at 0.5m (the offcuts, keep these)
  • 4 decking boards at 0.9m, you can cut this from 2 full-length boards
  • 12 decking boards at 0.6m, you can cut this from 4 full-length boards)
  • 4 decking boards at 0.4m, you can cut this from 2 full-length boards and be left with 4 boards at 0.5m
  • 6 decking boards cut to 0.5m, cut this from 2 full-length boards

Corner posts and “feet”

  • You cut these to length as required.

Kate’s plans

Kate took the time to draw out the plans for how the planter would look and the lengths of each section when it is built. You can see this below.

As I mentioned, we built this as three parts, I’ve marked these in red for you on the image below to help you visualise.

Videos of us building planters

You’ll be able to see how we put this together from the videos, I’ll link 3 below because we’ve done this with you guys a few times now and the principles are the same. We took you through making a super simple rectangular planter last year, This is the basis for all the other planters we make.

The second time we took you through it was the making of what we called HMS Dahlis. This was a multi-level planter with a few additional smaller parts. Again, it’s made using the same technique as we used in our rectangular planter, the only addition was that we added a second level of boards for part of the rectangle.

The new planter is the very same ideas as HMS Dahlia, this time, however, we did it to fit it into a specific corner of the garden, so our dimensions are to fit that space. You absolutely could take this as a jumping-off point and make it to fit a space in your garden.

Videos of planter builds

Simple rectangular wooden planter

HMS Dahlia (multi-level planter build)

Part 1 of the corner planter build

Part 2 of the corner planter build

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