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April is when the garden really bursts into life

April is most definitely when the garden really starts to get going. The dark, wet winter really seems to be behind us now, apart from the odd frosty morning, and most days are warmer and dare I say it, we’re evening seeing a little bit of sunshine.

There are just so many exciting things to talk about in our garden and I always struggle choosing which particular things to show you. Do we focus on the veg and how tall, strong and healthy the tomatoes are or do I go for colour and take you on a tour of the various flower beds that are giving me so many feels right now?

There are of course one of two things in particular that are really getting me excited, like our spring bulbs. We’ve never had a show like this in our garden, and the best thing is that there is still more to come. As I type, we’ve had the most wonderful display of Salmon Impression in both the back garden and in the front. Tall, proud, tulips with a lovely delicate pink tone, they are just starting to pass now but are being followed by Sky High Scarlet which is a deep, scarlet red and stands out as a shock of colour. These are Kate’s favourites. We’ve also got Pink Wonder daffodils starting to show, which was the best surprise because I had completely forgotten about them.

The alliums haven’t started flowering yet as it’s too early, but so far, we just feel like the luckiest people alive. We are so grateful to Pete and Ben from dutchgrown.co.uk for sending us the bulbs to try out. They are a Dutch bulb farm who are currently one of the favourite bulb suppliers in the states and have recently started selling here in the UK too. You can pop onto their website and start planning your spring bulbs for next year.

Our original post about the spring bulb haul

There is so much more to tell you about, but I don’t think I could capture it all in a single blog post so instead, come join us for a tour of the garden and see just how exciting April can be out there.

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