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If you are anything like us, you are probably using multiple social media tools to keep up with your family, friends, favourite online channels etc.

So we thought we’d make it simpler for you to work out which notifications you’d like from us. Quite simply it’s like this.

Social Media obviously is one option


We post most regularly to youtube and that is also where the most significant type of content lives. It tends to be 10 min or longer videos on a particular topic. A mix of gardening lessons and what we call vlogs, which are usually longer and simply just about what we are doing, so it could be a tour of the garden, updates on what’s growing or just things we’re working on. We USUALLY add a post here with the new videos in it, but we don’t always – just be warned.

So if you don’t want to miss out on any of our videos, the best way to get notified is to subscribe to our youtube video channel and set the alert bell to ALL. That way you’ll get a message every time we release a video. 


Monthly newsletter!

We are launching something new, well it’s not really new, we do this already for a select group of subscribers but we’re going to open it up to everyone. It’s something a bit special but we’re not going to say anymore now.

The first newsletter will be at the end of May, that’s all we’ll say for now.



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New blog alerts!

We post a mix here on this website, some blogs which are usually elaborations on something we talk about in a video or updates to what’s happening. So if you’d like to be notified whenever we post these then sign up over on the left.

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